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NORIA Ferris Wheel

NORIA Ferris Wheel:1 NORIA Ferris Wheel:2 NORIA Ferris Wheel:3

This eye-catching and hugely popular tourist spot is a new landmark that has brought the value of the night to a new level. Located above the shopping complex “nORBESA” in Susukino,a huge variety of LED lights shine on this famous,large Ferris wheel,“Noria.” From its location 78m off the ground,visitors can see a panoramic view of the gorgeous city streets of Susukino,one of the most famous entertainment districts in Japan. And when taking this ten-minute stroll through the sky with the city bathed in light,perhaps they can enjoy a sense of being high above the rest of the world. And what’s more,this attraction also appeals to visitors with its convenience thanks to special late-night hours on days before national holidays in addition to a superb location.

Get off at “Susukino” Station on the Namboku subway line and walk 2 minutes.