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Sapporo White Illumination

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Proudly renowned throughout Japan,the “Sapporo White Illumination” is a tradition that beautifully accompanies the start of the Sapporo winter. It began with 1048 lightbulbs in 1981,and inspired the custom of winter illuminations across Japan. Delving deeper into its history,the light displays used decorative electric lights following the example of the New York Christmas Tree in those days. Many tourists from around the world were attracted to Sapporo by this experiment of combining the color of snow with the light display. Collaborations using snow,such as theme color,were set for each street,and 3D art objects were decorated,etc.,giving the scene an even more captivating atmosphere. Also,biodiesel fuel energy production and green energy have been incorporated to make this event an environmentally-friendly “eco-illumination.”

Just outside “Odori Station” on the Namboku / Tozai / Toho subway lines.