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Horomi Pass Lookout Parking Lot

Horomi Pass Lookout Parking Lot:1 Horomi Pass Lookout Parking Lot:2

Approximately 20 minutes by car from the city center,this observation point is located close to the popular night-viewing spot,Asahi Memorial Park. Vivid purple lavender gardens spread across the area which is also known as a famous summer sightseeing spot. First-time visitors will want to make sure to check out the driving route during the evening hours. After the sun sets at 6 pm,this parking lot becomes a special night view parking area where visitors can take in the view of the Sapporo city streets through the front windows of their cars. While there are many viewing points scattered throughout the city,this is the only place where visitors can enjoy fully experiencing the night views from the relaxed comfort of their own cars. Just like watching a movie,we hope that visitors will enjoy the scenes of the night sky and the city lights created by nature in the private atmosphere of these special night-view seats.

Approximately 10 minutes by car from subway “Maruyama Koen” Station,approximately 20 minutes from “Odori Koen” Station.