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Mt. Okura Observatory

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An observatory beginning at the base of a ski jump with an altitude of 307m,the Mt. Okura Observatory is a hidden gem where visitors can watch the scenery and lights stretching out from Odori Park. The ski jump is illuminated at night and the enormous panoramic view facing the ski runs has a certain heart-pounding realness to it. With this exhilarating night view,visitors will feel like they’re actually flying into the sky. However,since the lift only runs until 6 pm in summer and until 5 pm in winter,visitors must carefully take note of the limited hours when appreciating the view from the observatory is possible. For first-time visitors,we recommend climbing to the observatory in the evening,and after enjoying the captivating “blue” moment just after sunset and before nightfall when the view is the most extraordinary,then dining on Genghis Khan,a local specialty,while enjoying the night views from the restaurant at the base of the ski jump.

*Depending on the time of year,there are cases where the lift may operate according to special hours (see the homepage,etc.,for details).
From subway Tozai Line “Maruyama Koen” Station by JR Hokkaido Bus (Maru 14 Route) to “Okurasan Kyogiba Iriguchi,” then an approximately 10-minute walk.