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JR Tower Observation Deck T38

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Created in 2003,this viewing deck has played a significant role in improving the value of Hokkaido’s night views. While renowned for being the highest in northern Japan at 160m,this viewing deck is also easy to visit thanks to being conveniently located in a building directly connected to Sapporo Station. Along with the impressive power of the city lights from all the surrounding buildings,this is a luxurious viewing spot for enjoying the colors of the entire city as night falls. Here too,viewers can enjoy an impressive view of Sapporo’s city streets,known as “the grid,” and the uninterrupted sequence of colors in the sky that accompany the setting sun. Visitors will want to slowly savor the time around sunset thanks to the careful consideration given to creating an unforgettable ambiance as the sunlight fades to darkness.

Directly connected to JR Sapporo Station.