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Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival

Nagasaki Tall Ships Festival:1

The foremost harbor event with huge numbers of sailboats from Japan and abroad gathered in the city. There are also various events during the day such as “sail drills (training for using sails)” where the sailboats unfurl their sails,on-board sailboat tours and cruise experiences in Nagasaki Bay in addition to night views that you won’t want to miss. The sailboats are decorated with variously-hued light and illuminations to give each of the many sailboats its own unique beauty. This creates an extraordinarily gorgeous harbor scene. When you look out on the light silhouettes over the bay in nighttime Nagasaki,you’ll find yourself thinking that surely,“this can’t be Japan,I must have traveled to some other country.” Plus,firework festivals are also on display during this time and there are countless other sights to see.

Approximately 5 minutes from JR Nagasaki Station by street car,right at the “Dejima” stop.