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Glover Illumination

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This is a light display held every year at Glover Garden,a famous sightseeing spot in the city which has come to symbolize Japan’s modernization during the Meiji period. These illuminations changed from a decorative display to an entertainment event in 2014. For the theme,the illuminations are intended to trace the entire park and create a space overflowing with a deep love. The park is colored by countless pastel-hued LED lights,and a deeply emotive,romantic light and sound show is held to suit stories such as Madame Butterfly and Taro Hakase’s “Nagasaki Night Song,” etc.,in Miurakan Plaza. Plus,visitors can fully appreciate the display of city lights and illuminations from the highest level of the park.

Approximately 20 minutes from JR Nagasaki Station by streetcar (Sofukuji ,transfer at “Shinchi Chugakai” to the “Ishi-hashi” bound streetcar),and a 7-minute walk from the “Oura Tenjudo” stop.