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Mt. Nabekanmuri

Mt. Nabekanmuri:1 Mt. Nabekanmuri:2 Mt. Nabekanmuri:3

In the Minamiyamate area where Oura Cathedral and Glover Garden are located,the trees have grown to look just like a cooking pot or “nabe,” etc.,making this mountain the source of many theories. The view of Nagasaki seen from the altitude of 169m is like a work of art,maintaining an impressive sense of perspective as the mountain ridge lines and the lights of the bay and city overlap. The observatory was renovated in 2016. Street lights,walking paths and restrooms were installed,and now guests can feel secure even when visiting at night. The observatory itself was also renovated,and by extending the viewing space on the top,enjoying an in-the-moment,realistic night view became possible. It’s also a good idea to arrange your visit to overlap with the evening opening hours of Glover Garden.

25 minutes from the “Nagasaki-shinchi Terminal” bus stop taking the “Umikaze” Nagasaki Bus to the “Nimotomatsu-danchi” bus stop on the “Nimotsumatsu-danchi” bound route,” and a 15-minute walk. Parking facilities are available (13 spaces).