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Mt. Inasa

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Since Nagasaki was certified as one of the “New Three Cities with the Most Spectacular Night Views in the World” (2012) and the “Japan’s New Three Most Spectacular Night Views” (2015),Nagasaki’s famous viewing spot for enjoying night views has gained new prominence nationwide. Visitors can enjoy the expansive 360-degree panoramic views of the illuminated Megami Bridge and the urban areas below,etc.,from the 333m high summit. Light from the houses and the street lamps dotting the mountain-encircled basin create Nagasaki’s famously beautiful view reminiscent of a warmly-lit starry sky on land. There are also restaurants and signs providing guidance for night viewing at all of the viewing points. With superbly convenient access such as city buses,ropeway,and special welcome buses for hotel guests,even first-time visitors can find their way easily.

Approximately 7 minutes from JR Nagasaki Station by Nagasaki Bus (route no. 3 or 4) to “Fuchi-jinja” on the Nagasaki Ropeway and a 2-minute walk from the “Nagasaki Ropeway-mae” stop. Or,approximately 15 minutes from JR Nagasaki Station by Nagasaki Bus (toward “Inasa-san”),directly by the final bus stop,“Inasa-san.”