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Factory Night Views

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There are numerous factory night views throughout Japan,but there is no other city where visitors can enjoy such dynamic night views as the ones you can find in Kitakyushu. Starting with the steel-working areas,the sodium-vapor lamps in these areas faintly illuminate the factories and buildings,coaxing them into emerging out of the darkness. Meanwhile,the radiant light of the chemical factories when entering Dokai Bay unleashes the charm of these “factory night views.” The work lights illuminated on the surface of the water create a mysterious atmosphere. As the darkness deepens,the Kitakyushu factory night views reflect an increasing sense of the future yet to come,and viewing these scenes is not unlike imagining traveling into space. Thanks to a regularly-held viewing cruise,visitors can even ride through the area by ship and in less than two hours experience a clearer mind while enjoying the luxury of letting the ordinary world fade away.

Approximately a 10-minute walk from JR Kokura Station to the Night Viewing Cruise Boarding Point