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Wakato Bridge

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Wakato Bridge is beloved by the local residents as a symbol of Kitakyushu City. The red,illuminated bridge makes an exquisite impact,leaving visitors with a feeling of depth and weight. Popular viewing spots nearby include the Wakamatsu Bund area and the Wakato Passenger Ferry. Numerous benches are available in the Wakato Bund,and western-style shops from the Taisho period dot the area,giving it a retro feeling. The street lights keep the area sufficiently well-lit at night. With condominiums spread across the opposite shore and sodium-vapor lamps reflected on the water at night,the contrast between the sky-colored background and the green nature straight ahead lets visitors fully enjoy the remarkable Wakato Bridge.

Approximately a 10-minute walk from JR Tobata Station to Wakato Passenger Ferry “Tobata Pier.” Approximately 3 minutes to Wakamatsu Bund by Wakato Passenger Ferry.