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Kokura Illuminations

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This is a winter tradition that brings many tourists from inside and outside the prefecture every year to Kitakyushu City. These light displays touch the heart by nurturing the dreams of the next generation of children,and they were created in the hopes of fostering sustainable community building to help preserve the environment. Illuminations large and small are created and displayed around various parts of the city center such as the area around JR Kokura Station,Murasaki River and the Ogai Bridge. This illumination event is famous for starting with an enthusiastic toast from the participants under the bright lights. With one of the themes being “environmentally friendly” and using green electricity,this event suits the spirit of Kitakyushu City,a city focused on the environment’s future,and it is held as an illumination that is kind to both the earth and people.

Approximately a 10-minute walk from JR Kokura Station (from the Kokura Station area to the Murasaki River area),approximately a 3 to 15-minute walk from JR Nishi-kokura Station (from the Murasaki River area to the Kokura Station area),and approximately 3 minutes by car from the Otemachi Ramp on the Kitakyushu Expressway.