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Adachi Park

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Located in the eastern part of Kitakyushu’s Kokura Ward,this forest park is located at the foot of the 597.8m Mt. Adachi. This park,where astounding nature extends over approximately 13.5ha,was also selected as “one of Japan’s 100 best forests for forest bathing.” Here you can enjoy the flowers of the four seasons on the park path that stretches south to north through vast numbers of great red pine trees and cherry blossom trees. While there are many night view sightseeing spots throughout Kitakyushu,Adachi Park Observatory is located close to the city area,and is an especially popular spot with local people. There are a variety of spaces here where visitors can leisurely enjoy the night views such as in their own parked cars in the parking lots or on the benches located in brightly illuminated,grassy areas. Out of these,the view from the wooden observatory lets you enjoy up close the vivid night lights of the Kokura Station area and the orange glow of the factories in the strong manufacturing area.

Approximately 20 minutes by car from JR Kokura Station to Adachi Park Observatory. Or an approximately 15-minute walk from the “Shinrin Koen Iriguchi” stop on the “Kirioka” bound Nishitetsu Bus from JR Kokura Station.