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Mt. Takato Park

Mt. Takato Park:1 Mt. Takato Park:2

If you cross Wakato Bridge toward Tobata,Mt. Takato towers above you at 124m tall. This is a famous spot that grows lively each year with visitors alongside the cherry blossoms and azaleas of spring and the hydrangeas of early summer. Every July a fire festival event is held where approximately 2000 people in rows climb Mt. Takato in a great wave just like a snake of fire. The night view features a panorama spreading outward from the urban area of downtown Kokura to the Hibikinada Sea,and the brilliantly illuminated red Wakato Bridge leaves a particularly strong impression with its stunning presence. Also,in addition to the sodium-vapor lamps of the factory district showcased from the waterfront,anyone would be charmed by the night views of lights from houses and offices found amidst the boundless strength of one of Japan’s industrial cities. Numerous park facilities support visitors’ enjoyment of the night views,such as benches,public restrooms and wheel-chair accessible slopes,and more.

Approximately a 40-minute walk to the Mt. Takato Summit Observatory from JR Wakamatsu Station on the Chikuho Main Line. Approximately a 5-minute drive from Wakato IC on the Kitakyushu Expressway (via. Wakato Bridge).