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Mt. Sarakura

Mt. Sarakura:1 Mt. Sarakura:2

At the mountain in the center of Hobashira Nature Park,which is a designated national forest in Kitakyushu,visitors can access the 622m summit by cable car and barrier-free slope car. The view from the top exceeds 200 degrees,and in addition to offering a complete view of Kitakyushu City centering on Dokai Bay,it is also a one-of-a-kind location where visitors can see as far as the Kanmon Straits. This place,said to have a “10-billion-dollar view,” has inspiring scenery due to its unique landscape,and touches the hearts of those who see it. There is also an observatory at the mountain summit (entry is free of charge) that anyone can easily visit. Plus,various events are held here according to the season,making it a lively tourist attraction.
Mt. Sarakura cable car:

Approximately 5 minutes by car from Kitakyushu Expressway Otani IC to Sarakurayama Cable Car “Sanroku” Station. Right after Nishitetsu Highway Bus,“Kosoku Sarakurayama Cable Car” stop.